Tulpar Vogi Medi Tekstil Medikal is a company based in Istanbul specialized in the manufacturing of disposable medical articles , orthopedic implants and hygiene products since 1995.

Our wide products range includes surgical masks, including FPP2 and FFP3 masks, disposable face masks, disposable hospital products , medical coveralls, surgical gowns, pe aprons,disposable bed sheets, disposable strecher covers, pillow case ,disposable gloves ,syringes ,needles ,antigen tests or hand disinfectant ,medical antiseptic soaps and antibacterial hospital disinfectants, antibacterial soaps , etc.

For 25 years we have been producing and exporting products in various countries outside Turkey. All our products are manufactured in accordance with CE, ISO and FDA standards. We are proud to be certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 standards.

Our mission is to protect the health of people who work in health institutions and in the medical sector, which has became even more important since the beginning of the sanitary crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This way we contribute to the comfort of all health professionals and improve their working environment.

Our goal is to keep our company growing and become a first choice in the sector, offering products and customer service of the highest quality. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !

Mission & Vision

To protect the health of people and institutions using our products in all health institutions and in the medical sector in the best way. To increase the comfort of the user for an effective working environment. To increase the value of the company and the well-being of its employees.

Especially as of 2020, when we entered the epidemic period in the world, to be the first choice in the sector, offering excellence in product and service quality, offering all solutions from a single point, customer-oriented, innovative agile.